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The Partnigram

Aims to meet the dream of most people to have a lending business but do not have enough investment. As a result, the partnigram was invented to lend even a small investment.

Your small investment will be included in the investment of the partnigram members so that it can be lent.

The partnigram also aims to speed up the lending process. Partnigram helps those who want to apply for funding avoid long application lines and tedious documentation processes. With just one click using the partnigram app, you can easily borrow money.

Members Area

Partnigram needs a crew!

Partnigram is currently looking for a potential business growth partner. If you are a rockstar programmer, accountant, corporate lawyer or an ace digital marketer you are what partnigram is looking for. Get involved and be one of the co-founders of partnigram. To know more about partnigram you can email